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When you want to look your best, come and see us for Clothes to Maketh the Man.

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We believe in the right of every man to look good in clothes that fit, that flatter, that last.
That’s been our driving force since 1867. By the end of the nineteenth century we’d mastered the art of making clothes well, turning settlers into gentlemen but without the Savile Row price tag.

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Man according to Dom Bagnato is a handsome concoction of alluring charisma and stark sophistication wrapped up in Italian style tailoring. There is a spark of passion and a wind of vitality that emits from the label’s designer, an authentic sensibility that is sewn directly into his garments. Dom Bagnato the man, is passionate about life and his approach to fashion.

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The Macky clan sailed from Scotland before New Zealand had electricity or proper sewers. In a frontier settlement both raw and refined, Joe tailored a clientele ranging from brawlers to barristers, in garments to service them through life’s landmarks, from seduction to deposition, baptism to wake. With a glance of his eye, Joe could discern the measure of a man without a tape, and his humour earned him the nickname so enduring few remember how he was called before Black.

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Gibson knows how to make you look good. Our slim tailored suits will mask the inner turmoil she (or he!) is putting you through, as you wait there, alone, on an island, for that brief eternity. While our shirts and ties will turn your band of outsiders into a respectable looking bunch of men who, in reality, are still just as likely to make an offensive toast or lose the ring. For your big day, Gibson’s got you covered. After that you’re on your own.

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